Good day Sunshine
Time to make yet another attempt at climbing out from underneath the mighty cloak of February, undoubtedly responsible for many a blues song. March has so far been terribly disappointing for both body and soul. So I’ll try again…
“Good day Sunshine” as the Beatles sang in 1966. A wonderfully happy song, wonderful music, great singing. At this time the chaps from Liverpool had really developed their harmony into something new and very special. Today I am happily singing away while getting ready for the day.
“I need to laugh, and when the sun is out, I’ve got something I can laugh about,”
I believe there’s a Beatles song for every mood and situation and often find myself singing the beloved songs.
In my singing lessons, I have found that the songs still hold the same magic for many of the young generations as well as older students. Ballads as well as uptempo rock stuff. This is what really good songwriting is all about.
So go out there, see if you can find any songs in today’s charts that have the quality to be remembered in ten years from now, and that will bring out real emotion. See if you yourself can come up with some new ideas for songs, music or lyrics that have a timeless quality.
Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine if not outside then try and create it inside your heart.

Good day Sunshine