Do something special, just for you!

Give yourself a treat today!

Good morning peeps, Today is one of those mornings when life feels perfect. A little bird singing outside my window and I am enjoying The Perfect Pot of Coffee. I sit in half-darkness with a lit candle and wake up slowly and have a wonderful feeling of peaceful harmony inside. I am writing some affirmations for the day and as a very special treat just for me, I am going to give myself permission to restring my guitar which is waiting for my attention on the opposite couch. Then I am going to play. After maybe 15 min my fingertips will start to feel sore because it’s been years since I played. I will do the same thing tomorrow and every following day until my fingertips have toughened!
I am going to find that side of me again. Guitar playing/ songwriting Zanna.
There will never be a better time than Now. Here and now. Make the decision, Maybe even book a singing lesson!

When is the last time You did something special for yourself? What did you do?
Have a Happy Day