Hone, Develop your instrument



Today I received a phone call which made me very happy.

A father wanted to book some singing lessons for his son who performs in a band, and told me: “He had guitar lessons to learn to play his instrument correctly and now it’s time he learned how to use his voice correctly too”!

Most people think of singing as something you just do and  “why should you /anyone have singing lessons”?

The Voice is the instrument we use for singing and in order to use it well you need to learn the proper techniques in order to get the most out of it and not ruin it.

The skills involved in the art of singing are much underestimated and misunderstood.

You constantly hear people making comments such as –“Oh but you can sing you don’t need lessons”…

The big name singers we hear on the radio have normally spent quite a lot of time and effort in creating their special sound together with a singing teacher and learned the way to breathe correctly and how to project their voice to get the most out of it and sing in a healthy resonant way which doesn’t damage the vocal chords…

Another favourite comment :“ I don’t like (a certain singer) she/he is no good”. So they comment on the skill of the singer saying they’re no good when what they really mean and should be saying is “I don’t like so and so”, maybe they don’t like the tone of that voice, maybe they don’t like their particular style or choise of song… these are completely different things.

I get quite a few students, professional singers/performers who need to learn how to use their instrument -The Voice in a healthy way so they can handle going on tour and singing every night…

The same singers also keep coming back for “check-up” lessons to make sure they haven’t developed any bad habits.

So don’t underestimate the need to keep your voice in good healthy shape if you want to get anywhere. Invest in a few lessons to teach you good practise just like you polish your guitar and go to the gym with your body 😉