"As a busy professional singer performing at weddings and restaurants I started to notice that my voice was beginning to get tired and croaky after performing regularly (3 to 4 gigs per week). Although I was aware of my own vocal style and technique I felt that with some training I could improve, learn some new techniques and more importantly improve and look after my tired vocal chords.

I first went to see Zanna at Cool School in 2006 and explained that my voice was tired and that my vocal chords were feeling tight and sore. I also work as a teacher and so my voice is my main working tool. She very patiently listened to what I had to say, took on board my professional position and we set to work.

She took me through various vocal training techniques concentrating on stretching my range, projecting my sound and incorporating breathing and diaphragm control. I felt a vast improvement in my vocal chords within weeks once I started to use the techniques Zanna had taught me. No only did my voice stop being tired and sore but my style of singing improved dramatically. My projection of sound was stronger, my diction became more pronounced (important when singing jazz) and there was a new clarity to the notes I sang.

Zanna is a very experienced and patient teacher who knows her specialist subject better than anyone I have met. She is also a very successful performer, songwriter and musician. She has all the tips, techniques and experience needed to help any budding performer/musician, amateur or otherwise, make a career out of something that is so special, music!


~Carole Dalton Jazz Singer