"" I cannot recommend Zanna as a singing teacher enough... In my son's words, ' she is amazing'.
He started singing with Zanna when he was 8 and he is now 14 and has a wonderful singing voice and great musicality all learnt from lessons with Zanna.
He now attends the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and it was Zanna who prepared him for his audition for the school. Within a month of being at the school he appeared in his first West End show 'The Children of Eden' and then went on to get a 6 month contract as Gavroche in Les Miserables in the west end and this year he has finished another 6 month contract in Matilda the musical.
We owe his success to Zanna's professionalism, dedication and hard work with our son Marcus. His early training with her set him up for success singing in West end shows.
Zanna is also such a warm hearted, fun teacher and when Marcus is back in Hull he loves to visit her. The best singing teacher ever!"

~Mom Natalie Billany re son Marcus, (Sylvia Young Theatre School) London

"Zanna's singing lessons helped me to defeat my fear of singing. Through the lessons, I've learnt to use my voice more naturally and freely. The lessons have also helped me greatly with my acting, since vocal use is an important aspect of acting. Especially my breathing and support was developed through the exercises, simultaneously increasing my confidence in singing. Zanna is both a very encouraging and gentle teacher. I've been to many singing teachers, and thus know how important it is to find one you can trust. Zanna's strength is also that she can help with mastering the core of singing technique no matter what style of singing you're interested in.


~Kim Seppälä Actress, singer Finland

"I found my voice quickly getting stronger and got to learn new areas too.
Zanna added to my breathing technique, as well as teaching me new ways to support and stabilize my voice. She taught me how to focus on my singing and tuning paying attention to every note without loosing out in the interpretation and performance
I have noticed a big change and always find it very helpful when i am warming up my voice and learning new songs and most of all when performing.

Zanna uses the piano a lot to develop the voice and tuning, we worked on notes and scales to find my range, and to add to it. My range has increased and I love the idea that I now can use different areas of my voice.

I've always been lucky with power in my voice, and now I feel comfortable using that power, knowing that I can control it and go from a very loud passage in a song to a very soft either clear or breathy sound in a second.
I’ve become much more confident as an actor and a performer and to express all this in song is wonderful.
I have always enjoyed going to my lessons, adding to what I know and learning new aspects. What can I say, the business advice I got from Zanna is without a doubt the best around. She taught me about Nutrition, lifestyle, how to best prepare a rehearsal or a performance for a maximum effect, well these are all part of the joys, things I have learned and taking with me where ever i go and whatever I do.

Daniel Matthews
Actor, Singer"

~Daniel Matthews, Actor Singer

"I began singing lessons with Zanna Gregmar in the summer of 2013. At the time I was preparing to sing in an amateur production with my theatre group and, having not sung on stage in a very long time, I sought a tutor to help to rebuild my voice and also to help me regain some confidence in my own ability. I have previously had two other singing teachers and although my voice did improve from these lessons my self-confidence has always been lacking.

My confidence has grown immensely since I started singing with Zanna. Part of this is from the noticeable difference in my vocal ability. My vocal range has improved significantly as has my breathing technique. This is very apparent with songs that I have sung with other tutors previously, where I have struggled with particular notes or longer phrases, which I am now able to sing without difficulty.

Appropriate breathing technique has always been something that I have struggled with due to a medical condition where my oxygen saturation levels are low and thus effects my breathing on a day to day basis. I have always felt that Zanna has understood and supported me in the ways that I have needed, adjusting each lesson to suit what I feel capable of that day.

I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Zanna. She provides me with a lot of variety in my lessons and challenges me to improve but always makes me feel comfortable with whatever we are doing. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with her and I intend to remain her pupil for a long time to come."

~Adele Williams Actor/singer

"Hello, my name is Sarah Thomas and I am 22 years old. I have always enjoyed singing but felt like I needed some help with various areas. Zanna was very highly recommended to me when I was 16 years old from a number of people. She was not only my singing teacher but really helped me with a lot of areas in my life by her compassionate personality. Before I started singing lessons I used to have a tendancy to sing through my nose and had a very small range because I did not know how to use my diaphragm to my advantage. Through general advice on how to find and use my diaphragm, breathing techniques and being introduced to the idea of use my 'head voice' within a very short space of time I increased my range to an octave and a half not only on the high notes but also on the low notes and still feel like this is improving to date.
As I have previously stated I use to sing through my nose, this is no longer an issue because of the singing technique exercises we start each lesson with. The good thing about these is that we started kept to the same ones for a number of weeks but gradually developed the range or difficulity, I found this very useful and also gave me some ideas of how to practise on my own outside of my lessons.
My confidence in singing has grown rapidly since I have started and I now have exerperience with singing in muscial productions, wedding anniversaries and weddings themselves.
Zanna makes all my singing lessons very enjoyable with a very relax atmosphere and can work on a number of different song choices and styles of my choice, which I find very useful! She also is open to give me advice on personal areas of my life and takes great interest in how I am generally and my health. I often get colds and sore throats and she gave me few ideas of how I can stop these and protect my voice which has proven to work.

~Sarah Thomas, Singer/Actor/Dancer/Teacher