"I went to Zanna when I was busking and gigging for a living. It didn't take long before I could sing for hours and feel like I was singing far stronger at the end than at the beginning. It made a big difference to the amount I could earn. I've now been played on BBC radio 6 music and I know that I owe the strength of my voice to Zanna. Thanks Zanna! x ""

~Chris Welburn

"Zanna's warm and friendly personality instantly put me at ease. The lessons are fun and relaxed. There is a lot of laughter amid the practicing, vocal warm ups and recording sessions. It is highly recommended therapy after a stressful day.

Vicky Hart"


"I find writing this hard, it basically comes down to the fact no words can describe how much Zanna means to me, as a teacher, an artist and a friend. Singing with Zanna has brought me so much light and happiness when I have been in dark places. I have learned to be comfortable with my own voice, to perform for others and incredible development exercises and techniques that improved my voice weekly. I believe that Zanna has changed my life, she developed my confidence that enabled me to audition for a place at university and I am now a proud owner of a Bachelors Degree in performance. I owe everything to Zanna and I feel so proud to know her and so lucky to have had her amazing tuition and guidance.
Vicky Kelly

~Vicky Kelly, Singer/Performer/Teacher

"Zanna has been much more that simply a vocal instructor. She has guided me every step of the way, which has allowed me to gain the self-confidence, especially through challenging emotional times, to find my own true singing voice and to follow my heart. She uses powerful techniques and exercises that strengthen the vocal range and breath-control, whilst nurturing the development of the voice with time and patience. Zanna approaches sessions with beautiful passion and enthusiasm, igniting and amplifying my own love for music and expression, freely and playfully, helping me realize that anything is possible in music and life.
I love you Zanna from all my heart and soul.


~Dani, Recording and Performing Musical Artist, New York City

"Testimonial for the great Zanna Gregmar;

Zanna Gregmar! Well where do I begin? She's talented, wonderful and soulful!

I went to her for a lesson as I felt like the singing tuition I was already receiving through university wasn't beneficial for me. I desperately sought a teacher who I could connect with and who could teach me how to develop my voice in the right way. After teaching me a few basic exercises on posture, breathing and relaxation, a lot of my problems that I had been tackling for ages were quickly solved. Zanna has described me as a very passionate person which shows through when I'm singing. When I first started having lessons this passion would sometimes work to my disadvantage as I would over project my voice and lose control of it. Zanna soon taught me how to reign it in and that I can still show as much passion through my voice without being so loud and overpowering. One of Zannas famous quotes would be; 'take control of the lion inside you and reign it in, give just 90 percent in a performance so that you always have something more to give to the audience the next time, always leave them wanting more'.

Zanna makes you feel so welcome and relaxed, it really is fun to work with her. If I ever hear that anybody is looking into starting singing lessons, I always recommend Zanna. She is a talented woman full of wisdom and kindness and she loves to share her knowledge with others and help others get to where they want to be, she truly cares for her students. Not to mention, she has an amazing soulful voice that I could listen to all day! xxx

~Stevie Elisabeth Rose

"Zanna is an amazing teacher! Enthusiastic, talented, professional and inspirational! .."

~Angela Smith

"In 2006 I came to Zanna for singing lessons. She was my last hope as I had lost my confidence and had received some hurtful comments from other professionals. I was on the verge of giving up. Zanna rebuilt my confidence and taught me a variety of skills. She showed me how to gage my audience and create a set which suits them, create patter with the audience and try new songs that I thought I could not achieve, The most important thing she taught me was to believe in myself.

I now work for a highly reputable agency in Hull and have regular gigs. I also receive bookings for private gigs. I have sung to a variety of audiences and venues including weddings, pubs, clubs and parties. I can’t believe how close I was to giving up, but I am so pleased I didn’t.

A very grateful

Sam Fell

~Sam Fell

"Over the last few years I have had tutoring from Zanna and have found her practices very positively constructive comprising of helping me stretch my vocal range, voice control, timing and reinvention.

Her expertise and experience from being involved in the music business for many years has certainly lent a hand in helping me improve my song writing and creating uniqueness.

Zanna is a pleasure to work with and creates a warm ambience when you are in her presence. Also her sense of humour is contagious so lessons can be fun.

I am now in the process of putting a second album together and Zanna has played a massive part in making it happen.

I highly recommend her wether you are a complete beginner or well experienced, she can help you get out of bad habits and improve your voice.

Many thanks Zanna


~Glenn Davison