"After hearing about her successful methods of coaching, I approached Zanna before an overseas tour, seeking her expertise in preventing me from losing my voice when singing aggressively. She took me back to basics and instilled confidence in my ability by showing me some essential techniques for strengthening, improving and maintaining my voice. Now I can sing with more power and control. Aside from learning to play the guitar, being taught how to sing properly by Zanna was one of the most fulfilling areas of my development as an artist and musician.


~Terence James Dunne Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Recording artist, Music Producer, London

""From working with Zanna, I've developed a better sense of place in different parts of my range and I know how to tackle certain notes and sounds now. Whereas before I'd find myself inconsistent in my higher and passagio vocals, Zanna really helped me to tie these sections of my voice down so I could move through them freely without having to worry about them.

The exercises and warmups I've been through with her have become a staple of my routine, both when I perform and when I practice. I've learned a lot about producing different sorts of sounds with my voice in order to communicate different ideas and feelings.

On top of all of this, Zanna is a very personable, very empathic individual and is capable of making a student feel totally comfortable in her sessions."
Alex Larkman (I Alexander)

~Alex Larkman, I Alexander, Katsuo Singer/songwriter musician London

" Zanna has been a massive influence on the way that I sing.
She gave me kind, constructive criticism that made me want to make progress! She taught me a technique for singing low notes, which is now burned into my natural technique.

Most importantly, Zanna has greatly boosted my confidence over my years on knowing her, commenting on my use of accent and pronunciation and taking note of my progress.

Zanna Gregmar is an absolute star, she is kind, supportive and an ideal singing teacher for both beginners and the more experienced! Why would anyone wish to go elsewhere?


~Ryan Pullen Singer Songwriter Musician Creek Cats

" "Best singing teacher I ve ever worked with, lucky she was in Hull to help me out.
The technique she gave me helped me get through some long tours without losing my voice.
Brilliant! Highly recommend."


~Patrick Pretorious (The Talks) singer /songwriter /multi-instrumentalist and performer extraordinaire

"- "I originally came to Zanna on the strong recommendation of a friend. After trying various things to help me with my vocal endurance and having no luck, her lessons revolutionised my vocal technique, enabling me to perform consistently night after night!
Not only that but, through honing my skills with Zanna, I found that the quality of my voice improved dramatically after being coached through everything from my breathing, support and tuning, my range has benefitted tremendously too!
As if that wasn't enough, her personally professional teaching style helped give me an opportunity to share creative ideas, gave me a better idea of the complex industry I look to tackle and, at the end of the day, have a ridiculously good time doing it!
When it comes down to it, I wouldn't have half the voice I have today without Zanna, I wouldn't be thinking as deeply about the path I want to take and I wouldn't have that confidence in my voice, or in myself, that she's so expertly nurtured.
Sing with Zanna. I did and I'll never look back!
(She's also stupidly good value too!)


~"Xander Edwards" Singer/songwriter/musician, London

"'I remember the dark time before meeting Zanna, whenever I began to sing nothing but tuneless noise came out! I wouldn’t even sing to myself! But now after getting lessons it all seems like a lifetime ago. Zanna has taught me all the skills needed to set that voice free! Whether I’m just writing songs at home or blasting out three part harmonies with the band, I’ve got the confidence to deliver and perform.

What I like the most is that Zanna’s not just a vocal coach, she’s a musician. For someone like myself that wants a serious career in music, I really value and respect her opinion. I can turn up with my guitar and songbook and she’ll give her expert advice. To have that help in the creative process is unique and it’s perfect for musicians that not only want to sing, but want to apply that knowledge to their own songs.
Thanks Zanna!'


~Callum Smith, Singer /songwriter/musician

"I credit Zanna with not only giving me the necessary techniques to become a successful singer, but also setting me on the right tracks to become a confident and professional individual. Lessons are always fun and relaxed, consisting of the necessary exercises to warm up so as not to damage the voice, build up support, practising breathing techniques and ensuring good word-placement and diction, with an opportunity to sing popular music at the end of the session.
Zanna includes tips and techniques in her lessons which are unique and easy to understand and adopt, much have which have stayed with me to the present day, and she teaches in a warm and friendly way thus eliminating any nerves a new singer may feel and enabling her to successfully teach a wide age-range of students. She is able to respect and cater for a wide range of musical interests and will endeavour to work around a student’s individual voice-type, allowing the freedom of development which many singing teachers often attempt to eradicate.
Since having lessons with Zanna, the power in my voice increased immensely and via practising the exercises she includes in her lessons I was able to have full control over my voice, as well as developing my range from around 2 octaves to 3 and a half.
Zanna is a great source of support with many issues surrounding singing, and she has the necessary experience in the industry to be able to give sound advice to anyone wishing to step into the music business.
I believe the lessons to be truly exceptional and highly recommendable; Zanna is an enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about the art of singing and is therefore able to nurture students to achieve great sounding vocals, a superbly crafted stage presence and ultimately, their dreams of becoming a singer.

~Sarah Mc Clusky, Singer/songwriter/musician

"From as far back as
I can remember I have always suffered with my voice when singing, I never had any lessons or took any advice, however after years of stressing and always worrying about it I was finally put in touch with Zanna for a few lessons, the improvements were immediate, right from diet to technique, everything I was shown and told by Zanna made sense and I not only leaned very quickly how to look after my voice, but also mentally how to use my body in a balance with it, I now use the techniques and warm ups before every performance and strongly advice any other vocalists who want to take their singing seriously to visit Zanna, she's a great teacher and a great person xxxx"

~Kristian Eastwood, Singer/songwriter/musician