Why Take Lessons?

But I can already sing well…!!!

but i can already singThe voice is your instrument, singing is a skill and in order to use the voice to its highest ability and without damaging it it is advisable to have some singing lessons or to learn good singing technique from the start. No matter how well you learn to use your instrument, there’s always room for improvement…Even skilled singers like Christina Aguilera, Michael Bublé and most of the singers we enjoy listening to, go for regular singing lessons just to make sure that they haven’t developed any bad habits and any help to get the most out of their voices. The voice is as we all know a very sensitive instrument and if it’s not maintained properly and used skilfully it can easily get damaged sometimes permanently. So it’s important to learn how to look after your voice as well as possible.


It's my first lesson, I am nervous

im nervousMost people feel nervous in the first lesson. The voice is the most intimate of all instruments, and I think many singers are afraid of getting judged. I am not going to judge you …If you have never had lessons or have never sung in public, you will probably not be singing in the first lesson. We will get to know each other and you will learn some basic skills that you need to know before you start to sing. I will do an assessment of your singing level/ vocal chords and we will make a plan for your vocal development.


What is involved in a singing lesson?

what is involovedYou will learn new skills depending on your own level.

If you are a beginner, you will learn about posture, breathing, voice support, resonance, projection, diction, phrasing and healthy singing habits as you go along…

If you are a professional or semi professional performing singer, we will check for bad habits, help fix a strained voice, do any voice repair needed, preparation for a concert or a tour or recording. We can also look at individual songs and how to get the most out of them, to make them stand out with your particular voice/style and personality.


What songs do we work on in lessons?

what songs do we work on

We will always be working with songs of your choice, or songs I think are suited for your voice /personality and level of skill.

It is my aim to help you find your own voice/style and “singingself” in order for you to develop to the peak of your ability


Should I write my own songs? Can you help me?

write own songsYes I always encourage my students to write their own material whether just for fun or because there is a genuine interest to turn the singing into something more professional. I have helped many of them to start writing and developing songs/lyrics as well as perfecting and “tweaking”songs they have written. Both structure and content are very important in good songwriting and I can help you understand and develop the skills.

We will also record your songs as we go along


Isn't 'good singing' a matter of opinion?

good singing matter of opinionWell Actually,  Good singing is Good singing!!

It means having the skills of correct placement, resonance, breathing, clear phrasing, tuning and controlled dynamics.

People often use the term “Good Singer” incorrectly as a reference to their own personal taste…

Say for instance that you don’t like Christina Aguilera, and because of that you say that she’s not good…  Christina will always be a good singer, actually a fantastically skilled singer, regardless what you think of her. To be correct you should simply say that you don’t like her style or voice.


What style of singing do you teach?

what style of singingI teach and help develop all styles except for Opera.

Often the style itself is something you need to feel inside yourself, and then I will teach you the skills and technique around it.


Is there homework

homeworkYes There is homework as I want you to practise the skills I teach you, but no written homework and no exams unless you decide to do grades.

The homework I give is easy and fun, and you don’t need to set a lot of time aside for it unless you are a dedicated professional working towards a specific time monitored goal.

Many of my adult students sing their homework in the car… :)


Do I need any special equipment?

do i need special equipment

No you don’t but it’s sometimes good if you can record parts of the lesson , maybe on your phone,

And it is of course good if you have a sound system of some kind to play  and learn songs…


Do you teach microphone technique?

mic tech

Yes, I teach microphone, recording and performance skills as well as the art of putting a good setlist together…


I need to make a demo - can you help?


Yes I can help you make a demo. I have recording equipment here and we can record in various ways. Tell me what you’d like to do and I will do my best to help you achieve your goal!


Do you have any performance opportunities?

performanceYes I sometimes organise concerts according to demand.


Could I come for a studio tour?

Yes, you could book  a taster session/assessment which would allow you to get acquainted with me, the studio and make a plan for your desired work/development and of course ask any questions you’d like. :)



I would also like to know….??

Any further questions you have, please check in on the “Contact Us” button and write your question there, or call me and I will give you an answer.