"General lesson

I always look forward to my weekly lesson with Zanna as I class her as a friend as well as a teacher. It is a chance to catch up and learn aspects of singing that I can’t find anywhere else. I have had previous singing lessons before Zanna but it has always been classical. I was ecstatic when I found out that Zanna could teach me in the style I was interested in (Country). This meant that I could learn and develop in the right field for me.

Recording is just another adventure as I have never had the opportunity before these lessons. Strangely I feel like I sing better in front of a microphone. Zanna has already started teaching me how to sing into it so that it benefits my voice which I really appreciate. Learning how to breath properly and have the right projection has also been achieved. I love the excitement of the lessons and it has not faded!

Song writing:
I thoroughly enjoy bringing my song lyrics and melody ideas to Zanna. I look forward to the song in my head being made into reality. I find it hard to complete songs without bringing them to one of the lessons as I have had trouble with timing in the past. I have learnt how important syllables are in song writing which I was unaware of before. I am getting better thanks to Zanna’s input."

~Paige Johnson

"I’ve had singing lessons with Zanna for a few years. I decided to go with her because of her background in the music industry and her experience.
I really enjoy my lessons as Zanna is friendly and understanding, making me feel comfortable throughout. I have really improved since starting with Zanna and am happy with my progress.

Zanna also helps me with song writing, I bring my own songs and she helps me improve them. She doesn’t force her opinion on any of my stuff and allows songs to go in the direction I want them to. I’m so glad I have Zanna as my singing teacher and recommend her to everyone!"

~Ellie Edwards

"Ellie has been having singing lessons with Zanna for several years.
She has learned new skills in many different areas, such as Voice, Songwriting and Confidence
Ellie had decided she wanted singing outside of school as she felt her choice/style of music would not be readily accepted by the school. Zanna was quickly able to establish a rapport with my daughter – discussing the types of music which they both enjoy.

During the course of her training she has gained in confidence; finally able to freely discuss her ambitions and possible career development. As Zanna has been a professional working musician before her teaching career this enables Ellie to understand the realities of her chosen path.

The lessons have developed Ellie’s voice; even she (highly self-critical) states how much she feels she has improved.

Together they have worked on her range using basic exercises and more complex techniques. This had enabled Ellie to sing songs which prove her range has increased.

As her favourite music requires a great deal of power this has been an important aspect of her lessons. By explaining techniques which demonstrate how to achieve power Ellie now feels she has more power in her voice.

Breathing exercises have been an integral part of the lessons. She now feels she has a good understanding and ability to control her breathing – the additional benefit being a quicker recovery after other sports activities.

Zanna and Ellie have a good understanding of each other and we plan to continue lessons whilst she is in full time education."

~Ann Edwards re daughter Ellie