singing in the shower

Singing in the shower…


singing in the showerWe all joke about singing in the shower and how great we all think we sound, marvelling at our own ability to compete with Christina, Adele and Jesse  or Frankie, Sting and James Morrison.  We attack the songs with uninhibited gusto and passion and it’s true, we all sound so much better …….Although your family or housemates may not always experience the same enjoyment in your vocal meanderings.    The fact is that the bathroom is the very best place to warm up your voice in preparation for the day whether you are going to be singing or “just talking”… It is ideal in that it is warm and humid and has fabulous acoustics and a natural echo to help you through whatever ecquilibristic expressions you choose to embark on.

I remember a recording session at KPM Studios in a 70’s London when the reverb stopped functioning and I had to go into the Bathroom with my microphone to get a nice effect on my voice :) Very handy place  for many reasons 😉

Singing in the shower has also been scientifically shown to raise the level  certain antibodies  and thus boost your immune system… So what are you waiting for, Go for it, hit the wet room.

Start the day in a nice warm shower with some gentle humming followed by some lip trills  and then some gentle singing before you attack Nessun Dorma 😉 and your family will be grateful… or not hahaha. It’s not always easy to live with a singer who loves to sing…
(But that’s no excuse for not practising… 😉 )