The meaning of self-discipline

“Discipline isn’t miserably doing something because you feel forced or that you “have to.” Discipline is being a disciple of something to which you have dedicated yourself to.” 

If you want to be a good singer then self-discipline is necessary. You need to spend time perfecting your skills, make sure the tuning is spot on, that you’re breathing correctly, perfecting diction, phrasing, emotion, focus and trying to stay clear of bad habits. Even very skilled professional singers sometimes develop bad habits, just like you do when driving a car so very many go for regular Check-ups like singing MOTs with a good teacher. 

I have some amazing singers coming to me just for a few check-up sessions both on Skype and in person and it is with great pleasure that I  help them detect even the smallest things and refresh the good habits. 

There’s a skill to creating the good habits and totally focusing in on your voice. Singing scales can be quite therapeutic if you allow yourself to lose yourself in them, or they can be really boring if you decide to just mechanically run over them without paying attention. This is true for the rest of our lives as well. You can absorb yourself and live each moment fully and be happy about the little things or you can just go through each day without any thought without paying attention to all the small as well as big marvels, miracles and learning opportunities. It’s good to have a goal but not if you put so much focus on that goal that you lose the “here and now” by not noticing it. So try to pay attention to every moment as you enjoy deep life-enhancing breaths and just live in that moment. That’s one of the best disciplines you can have.